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Music Magic Dulcimers made in the UK. Established 1993





Hello Tim,
I got the dulcimer on Tuesday.
I really like the sound. I'm already quite addicted to it!
Thanks a lot.
Regards, Arve

Tim, received it yesterday. The instrument is absolutely unbelievable, I could not be happier!!! Thanks a lot.


Via Dizzi Dulcimer

...................and the next time you see Mr Manning could you thank him from me for using his skill and crafstmanship to trap the song of angels inside his instruments.


Hello Tim  !
I've just received  my dulcimer !   It's simply perfect !  This instrument is a piece of art! Beautiful sound
Very good job ! I'm very happy !
Congratulation Tim !

Regards    Sébastien PIRAT





Hi Tim,
I received the Dulcimer today and I must say I am absolutely astounded at the quality - it's a lovely instrument. I was not expecting the quilted top, which looks beautiful. Probably the best thing about it for me is the sustain and decay of the sound, it's so resonant and clear and reminds me of a piano when the sound decays....


Hi Tim,
I hope you are well. I will have to check you out new release.
I have not emailed you since I received your instrument..
It really holds its name (Maestro).
There is not a single day passing by without me playing it and it's a new pleasure everytime.
I am progressing quickly understanding its logic, playing quicker, and more accurately ..
I have been showing the instruments to friends and familly and everyone is amazed as they have never seen such an instrument (although they knew the sound without being able to identify what it was).
I played one gig with it as mentionned before (in Leipzig). I will play a local gig next week and I will have the dulcimer for some music pieces (it's the Day of Music next monday here in France - in good time for the start of the summer).
Speak with you soon.
(I'll send some photos if I get hold of some).
Wishing you a good day




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