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Bespoke Instruments and Accessories




My instruments can be modified to suit your requirements in terms of the number of strings, tuning, and decorative finishes etc. etc.

The height of stands can be altered and hammers can be manufactured to your taste.

The photograps here represent some of the bespoke instruments I have made. If you are in a hurry to get hold of an instrument the best option is to go for the standard models as I always have some of those either completed, ready for delivery or nearly complete and requiring only a set of strings or similar.

I like making bespoke instruments but they do take more time because :

1 They are manufactured entirely individually and require special setups. They also slow down the production of standard instruments.

2 They sometimes require purchase of special materials, strings.

consequently they are more expensive, and I will quote individually for these items.

For bespoke instruments I require a 50% deposit on the placing of an order.



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