The uk's hammer Dulcimer Maker tim manning






Recorded in1979 the original Starblind session consisted of just two songs. This collection combines all of the Starblind studio work recorded at Sound on Sound editor-in-chief's then 4 track studio.



The Teachings of Clive & Nagarjun - The Paul White sessions. Nagarjun & Clive Willson

These recordings also from 1979 feature several fairly minimal pieces that are partly improvised - partly composed. An early Roland guitar-synth is featured played by Clive Willson.

Another Side to 3 Dimensional Chess


Tim Mannings early 80's compositions owe a considerable debt of gratitude to Todd Rundgren.

Bristol singing legend Cindy Stratton sings backing vocals. Therapist George Dewey plays sax on one track.


Big Truth - Nagarjun

After initial naming uncertainty Nagarjun continues and imbues the mid 80's politial uncertainties with anthemic charm.


Re-Shape - The Album - Nagarjun & Cliive Willson

Released to co-incide with Re-Shape. An exhibition of Photo-Art works by Emma Botor, Bob Cauldwell & Tim Manning. The Album is a collection of their joint works mid to late 80's


Music - Nagarjun

Pre-dating Madonna's album of the same name by a good few years these songs reflect early 90's angst.

Alice in Wonderland - Tim Manning

Inspired by the book and released to co-incide with a play and acompanying exhibition. Alice is performed by Amy Bowles laterly of Canadian Glam Goth band Pony da Look. Other parts by Tim Manning. Chris Powell plays lead guitar.



Music for Hammered Dulcimer - Volume 1 - Tim Manning

Aptly titled and recorded in Doulting, Somerset

Features the sound of one of Tim's early Dulcimers, and other instruments

Music for Hammered Dulcimer - Volume 2 - Tim Manning

Aptly titled and also recorded in Doulting, Somerset

Features the sound of one of Tim's early Dulcimers, and other instruments


Jazid - Nagarjun

Quirky jazz comositions for Amiga and MIDI controlled synths and sequencers.

Real Life - Tim Manning

Interesting collection of quirky songs and atmospheres.


Sunrise - Frome Festival Cinematic Orchestra

Live improvised music to accompany the film shown at the Merlin Theatre

Yogo for Health Fitness and Relaxation - Richard Beggs

Short introductory music section by Tim

Guided Yoga by Richard










This is music composed to film. I would love to do some more contact me to commission some.