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12 July 2013 Had an enjoyable recording session/jam with the Lund Quartet yesterday.

Recording Session with The Lund Quartet

11 July 2013 I haven't been keeping this up to date. I dont think I'm cut out for this kind of diary work. There's always so much to do, and making music is often more fun than keeping up with news. The Salterio finaly got finished about April or May this year!.

I7th/18th centry Dulcimer /Salterio now finished

17 June. Here is a shot of a very nice looking 17/18th century Dulcimer/Salterio which I have to restore/repair for September.


12 June The Cymbaly is coming along nicely, I am about to put the top on. Perhaps even tomorrow! I'm also working on a selection of instruments, one to be shown in the Frome Festival and the others at the Instrument Makers Gathering at St Chartier, France.

18 May Making a special Maestro Dulcimer for special client. His wife has has commissioned me to make the instrument to celebrate their 15th Wedding anniversary. Shshshshsh dont tell him!! I'll let you know who it is later. I've also been commissioned to make a Belarusian Cymbaly. These are fab instruments with over a 3 octave chromatic range. I'm really looking forward to this one. I'll take it to St Chartier when I go.

11 May My birthday! The Hackbrett has now been finished and gone. Putting on the gold leaf was a nightmare but it looks great on the instrument. Check out the Hackbrett page.

23 April The Hackbrett is now stained and at the polishing shop. The gold leaf has been ordered. I'm looking forward to the whole job being completed soon.

13 Apri. l I have just put the bevels on the sides of the Hackbrett and I am finishing off a Harmony Pro, Table Top and Maestro Classic so that I can take all 4 to the polishers. I don't think I will be able to get them there today, which is the deadline for this week as they usually do the work over the weekend, so they will be polished most likely next weekend.

7 April. The soundboard is now on the Hackbrett. The sound holes have been a lot of work, but will I think look really authenticly old when the instrument is finished. The first of this batch of Dizzi signitures has been sanded and just needs a bit of fine fettling to finish off all the edges, the first of these to be ready next Thursday. A Harmony Classic needs to be strung up for next friday.

4 April. Have now cut the new soundholes into the Hackbrett, not the ones illustrated below but a different one, so the sound board is now ready to be attached the body. Most of the Dizzi Signitures have had the wrest planks (sides) attached and the first one has had all its struts attached.

27 March. Attached the final internal strutt for the Hackbrett, carried on with the hammers and took delivery of a whole load of timber for Dulcimer Soundboards and bases. Made a mock up of a potential new soundhole (virtual).

24. March Mostly making hammers today but also attached the pin blocks to 2 1/2 Dizzi Signitures and cut two internal struts for the Hackbrett and attached one of them.

22. March Sound-board and bottom now cut for the Hackbrett and the main frame has been made and attached to the bottom.

I'm currently working on a batch of 8 Dizzi signiture dulcimers, yesterday I sanded all the tops.

19. March 2012 I am currently working on a medieval style Hackbrett for a client in France.

17. March 2012 Just got confirmation that I my application to exhibit at St Chartier, instrument makers festival this summer was sucessfull.







Older News

Aeolian Harp I have been asked to supply an Aeolian Harp for the Acoustic Research Centre at Salford, part of Manchester University. The instrument is half of a copy of a Victorian double Aeolian Harp with a new top/lid

Anna Calvi band picked up a Maestro Dulcimer in 2010. Tipped for sucess by NME, they suppored the Arctic Monkeys at the Albert Hall in March 2010 not long after. The bands first album has been very well recieved by the critics, and they are now touring to promote the album. 2012 The band were nominated for a Brit award for best newcommers.

Renaissance Dulcimer

Here's a couple of shots of an unusual Renaissance Dulcimer for Dr Colin Huehns it's very attractive one off instrument made from Plane, Pine and Padouk. This instrument is a unique instrument with 3 bridges built from a painting of the instrument, part of a larger work and hanging in the Louvre. Colin is currently working on repertoire for it. More information will be revealed about it later.

Renaissance Dulcimer 16thCHammered Dulcimer

Image of Renaissance Dulcimer




Dulcimers get Respectable ! A Virtuoso Dulcimer (15+15+8 ) has been supplied to the Royal Academy of Music and a matching one to Dr Colin Huehns a tutor ar the college.

Bookings for performance 2012 Contact me. In 2010 I played at Tribe of Doris Summer School, in the past I have played at Womad, Larmer Tree Glastonbury, Upton on Seven, Swanage, Quest Festival Newton Abbott and others.